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Sage's Whitetail Recoveries

JJ Stinson's Wachtelhund, Sage, has been busy this season tracking Whitetails in and around southern Alabama for appreciative hunters. These are a few of Sage's finds.


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Thank you Dave, This is good information.


Hi, To all of you who are recovering deer with your Wachtelhunds. You can have the performance symbol : for Nat. SchweiBarbiet, wehrh. Wild; added to your dogs Ahnentafel for blood trailing. It follows the Purfung results on the Ahnentafel. There are certain requirements that must be met, (1) there is a distance requirement, (2) There must be a minimum of three witnesses and they each must sign a letter stating they saw the dog blood trail and recover the deer. The owner must submit the request to the Prufung (Test) Warden, who will submit it to the VDW. I believe paragraph 72 of the test rules cover the the requirements.

Dave Pepe

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